About us

Sicon Packs Pvt. Ltd. founded in 2011, introduce themselves as manufacturers, exporters & Traders of various types of Self Adhesive Labels required in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, Distillery, Wines, and other industries.

The products are Branded under the Brand name of "Perfect" which means Root To Success and that’s our attitude towards our products and services.

The company incorporates state of the art manufacturing facilities coupled with skilled workforce at manufacturing plants in Ikorodu, Nigeria & Navi Mumbai, India, manufacturing consistent high quality products with geometric perfection – supplying them to highly satisfied customers in the local and international market.

Our Vision


The objective of Sicon Packs Pvt. Ltd. is to continuously implement the internationalization and localization of marketing, management System and capital operation and really realize the "zero distance" contact with our Local and International customers. To summarize, it also has a additional facility, again, with a state of the art manufacturing facilities coupled with a skilled workforce at Navi Mumbai, India in the name of Sicon Packs Pvt Ltd .

We have teams of experts, professional artists, fully equipped production units and the very latest technology for printing labels. With such resources at our command, we are able to provide a highly attractive and cost-effective range of quality products.

The company also maintains adequate stocks at all times, which has given confidence to the buyers to rely on our supplies for their individual requirements.

Please feel free to call or see us. We will be more than happy to serve you.

We welcome any enquiries or suggestion from our customers whom we highly treasure.

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